Calling Home

One of the things that has surprised me the most on my journey as a parent has been the amazing number of things that you have to teach your children. So often I think, "really - I have to teach you that too?" When the kids were little, it was obvious that I had to... Continue Reading →

The surprise of grief

It's been almost a year and a half since my mom died. Seems like an eternity, but it also seems like just days. A lot has happened since then - both boys graduated college, I lost my job, started a new one. And we can't forget little Bennett! Becoming a grandmother, to be this little... Continue Reading →

A Long Story

"Grief is a long story." These words were in my devotional the other day. I'm reading through "Good Enough" by Kate Bowler and Jessica Richie, appreciating their realistic take on life and lack of fluff. This five words stopped me short as I sat in the truth of them - grief really is a long... Continue Reading →

Standing Tall

I don't know if this should be considered a mid-life crisis or not, but I marked my 45th birthday with a tattoo. Now, this isn't my first tattoo, so I don't really think it falls into a category of things that should cause my children to wonder about my ability to make good decisions. Reality... Continue Reading →

More Than Reasonably Confident

One of the things that I have learned during my first year of working in a church is that Christmas comes earlier in the church than anywhere else. Well, maybe not before Costco, but pretty much everywhere else. I'm guessing that's partly because of having to plan ahead for special Christmas services, but also because... Continue Reading →


While I am by no means an expert, I have spent a decent amount of time studying grief. Through my years at the pregnancy care centre, grief was a topic often discussed as we journeyed with women through the emotions of a host of losses. Denial is one of the stages of grief, a natural... Continue Reading →

Blessed are those who weep…

The other day, a dear friend asked, "What would you have told your mom today?" Such a simple question, but it was so meaningful. I knew exactly what I would have told Mom that day and I knew exactly how she would have responded. Simple, everyday conversations - nothing earth changing, just normal stuff between... Continue Reading →

Ten Years.

August 2, 2011. Ten years ago. That morning I called my mom and said, "Mom, it's over. I can't do this anymore - it's time to leave." We packed up a few things - Mom came and helped and the kids and I slept at my parents' house that night. It was the first day... Continue Reading →

Loss Made Visible

Here in Alberta, things are looking a little different than they have been of late. On July 1, we entered into Stage 3 of the province's re-opening plan from the COVID-19 pandemic, which means essentially no health restrictions. Albertans can gather in their homes or in their yards, as many people as you feel comfortable... Continue Reading →

A New Normal?

It's Friday again. For many, Friday brings a sigh of relief. It's the end of the work and school week, the beginning of the weekend. Time to relax, to be at home with family, to spend time with friends. Fridays are the beginning of something great. Fridays have changed for me. They are now the... Continue Reading →

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