“Don’t miss the promised blessing because it isn’t in the package you expected.” -Margaret Graham

I was able to attend a women’s Christmas event the other night at City Light Church – I was there to present about the Centre, as we were to receive the offering.  I love getting to attend these events on behalf of the Centre!

The quote above was from the speaker that evening, and it really resonated with me.  So much of life is like that, isn’t it?  Just not packaged the way we expected or thought it should be.  

And how often don’t we miss out on blessings, because things don’t look like we expected?  When we can’t look past the packaging?

Guess that’s part of looking for the good in hard situations.  Like looking back at the struggle around my divorce, but seeing good in that it has made me much better at my job, since I know what it’s like to have life not turn out how I thought it would.

Thing is, it’s easier to see the good, to see the blessings when looking back at hard times.  What about when you’re in the middle of it?

Looking back at Katie’s time in hospital, we can see good.  The most obvious was the recovery that we saw – so thankful!  The bond between my three kids has grown stronger, which is fantastic.  We got to see the church, the communion of the saints, come together around us.

So there are blessings, absolutely, even when it’s hard to see them.  This is what I keep telling myself as we enter this next phase of Katie’s recovery –  Katie has been readmitted into the day treatment program at the Children’s Hospital after a bit of a setback in her recovery journey.

Getting her admitted, dropping her off at her host home last night, her not being here for breakfast this morning -through it all, I’m looking hard for the blessings.  And I know they’re there, but it’s hard.  Yes, I want her recovered.  Yes, I’m so thankful that there’s a treatment program available, and that a host home opened up.  But I wish she were home tonight, sleeping in her bed with her cat.  😕

So, blessings in unexpected packages.  What have you missed?