Well, here we are again.  Logged into my blog, and it’s been over a year since I last posted.  A lot has changed in that year, and that’s why I find myself sitting behind my computer, writing out my thoughts again.

The events of the last couple weeks have been cause for a lot of reflection.  Last week this time Terry and I were rushing into the ICU of Children’s Hospital, not sure of what we were going to find when we get there.  Today, Katie is back in her regular bed on the ward, improving, and I am at home, celebrating John’s 15th birthday.

God is so good.

Since I posted a couple of weeks ago about Katie’s journey with an eating disorder and subsequent hospitalization, I’ve had people comment how brave that was, how courageous.  It really wasn’t though.  We – me, Terry, Katie, my boys, my extended family – we have found ourselves in a horrendous situation that honestly we wouldn’t wish on anyone ever, and we need help.  We need to know that our community is supporting us and praying for us.  There is nothing courageous in it – it was simply just a plea for help.  A mom, scared and broken, looking for her community to stand around and lift up her baby in prayer.

And you did.  By the tens and the hundreds, you have gone before the throne and interceded for Katie, for me, for the boys, and I thank you.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. For the personal messages that have come, with concern and encouragement, thank you.  For comments on Facebook, thank you.  For texts, phone calls and people just checking in, thank you.  For entire congregations praying for us during their Sunday service – thank you.  For the meals and practical help – thank you.

I remember someone telling me that when you run into hard time is when you find out who your “real” friends are and who your “good time” friends are.  I have discovered that I don’t have just “good time” friends – they’re all “real” friends. Everyone has stood by us and supported us.

I’ve been reflecting on Romans 8:28 for the last few days, preparing for a piece I need to write for a conference this week in Vancouver, and am once again comforted by God’s sovereignty in all of this.  God does have a plan for all of it, and He loves Katie more than I ever could.

Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of Katie’s journey battling anorexia and all that comes with it.  It’s going to be a long, uphill battle, but I’m so thankful that we’re now headed up that hill.  That we’ve seen improvement, and things seem to be headed in the right direction.  We covet your continued prayers as we adjust to this “new” normal of Katie being in Calgary, and us being here.  For safe travels back and forth, for extra energy on the long days, for wisdom in knowing when to go and when to stay here.

Last weekend we celebrated the greatest sacrifice ever made, and the words of the song “Because He Lives” were so poignant.  “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow” – it’s so true.