Years ago, my pastor spoke in a sermon about the necessity of looking forward. He said “If you’re driving down Mayor Magrath, and all you do is look in your rearview mirror, you’re going to get in an accident.  Instead, you need to look ahead, with quick glances behind you to see what’s there.  That’s how we need to live our lives.

Seems so appropriate today.  The New Year always bring with it a time of reflection, and I think that’s good.  It is healthy to look at the year gone by, celebrate the victories, mourn the losses, and learn from the lessons.  But we can’t stay there.  We need to keep looking ahead, keep moving forward.
Reading over my post from January 1, 2013, it’s interesting to actually compare how the year turned out.  The kids have had a busy year – I love having all three of them at the high school, and it’s been a good transition for Nathan.  
The Centre has opened!  We’ve been open now for two months, and while it’s been slow, there are clients coming in, and we’re getting to help them.  It’s been an adjustment for me and the kids, being gone all day, every day.  We’re still figuring that one out – instant meals from M & M Meats have definitely become my friend.  Hoping to get better at the balance of working and being a mom this year.  
The Wind family grew again this year, with the arrival of little Emberly in February, and is continuing to grow, with 3 new additions expected in 2014.  God is so good!  We were all able to be together in Fairmont, and almost all of us went camping this summer.  I’m so thankful to be part of a family that values each other so much, and that as adults we are as close as we are.
University:  first two university courses are done (with A’s!), and halfway through the next 3 – and it’s going well.  🙂
The divorce is final, has been for a few months, and that marked the end of that chapter.  It’s been good to have closure there, for me and the kids.  
Last year this time, my Beppe really wasn’t doing all that well.  There’s plans for her birthday party in the next couple weeks – she’s doing so much better.  I even got to see her this spring, for the first time in over 3 years.
There’s been loss too – I went to more funerals in 2013 than I have in a long time.  So many families that will never be the same.
So, 2014.  What do we have to look forward to?  Honestly, I’m hoping for a calm, “boring” year.  To get settled into the Centre, and really watch it grow.  To figure out this whole work/mom thing.  To keep going on the university courses.  Really?  Just more of the same.
The kids and I are going to Edmonton for a couple of days in March, and I’m excited for that.  The CAPSS conference is in Hamilton this year, so I’ll get to spend some time there.  Katie gets to go to Mexico in February, and I’m so thrilled for her!  She’s taking part in a mission trip with the Taber EFree group, and gets to go see Auntie Karen. There will be another summer of camp – Katie is hoping to spend all summer there.  🙂
Watching the kids grow and mature – such an experience.  Katie is discovering a real interest and enjoyment in mechanics, and is exploring the option of the RAP program. John has picked up a couple of routes for the Shopper, and is showing real responsibility and maturity there.  Nathan, my little Nathan, is in Junior High!  He’s becoming so helpful around the house, and is really starting to grow in that area.
I’ve got some stuff I need to work on this year.  Money – need to nail down a budget and stick to it.  Need to lose some weight, get in shape.  I need to really intentionally work on my relationship with God, and time in His Word.
The biggest change for us is the fact that God has brought a wonderful man into my life to share all these things with, so it will be a year of change and adjustment as we walk this new journey in life.
So, here we stand at the beginning of a brand new year.  A clean slate.  A whole year ahead, full of possibilities.  I can’t wait to see what God fills it with.