Somehow, in the midst of life, I seem to have forgotten that I have a blog.  So, in a quiet moment this afternoon I remembered, and when I opened it up, the newest post was from March.  Not good.

Basically, things have just been really busy.  Since my last post…..

  • John turned 13
  • I got a tattoo 
  • I spent a week in Victoria at the CAPSS conference, along with a little stop in Surrey to visit my Beppe
  • the kids finished a school year, including Nathan graduating from grade 6!
  • the kids and I got to get away a bit this summer, including a night away in Fernie & Three Hills
  • got to take part in the first ever Wind family camping trip
  • Nathan turned 12
  • Katie got to spend an entire month at SABC – 3 weeks working, and 1 week as a camper
  • I finished my first two university courses, and got an A in both of them!
  • the renovation at the Centre got underway, and now is just weeks from completion
  • got to spend a great Sunday afternoon in Waterton with Grandma & Grandpa, reminiscing about their honeymoon there 38 years ago
  • all three kids are now at the high school campus, and I have one in Senior High!
  • Katie turned 15
….and so much more.  I’m sure there’s more, but those seem to be the things that are coming back to me right now.  
So, to sum it up?  Things are good….busy, but so good.  🙂