Well, it’s New Year’s Day, and somehow it seems almost wrong to blog about anything other than the past year, and looking forward.

Looking back over 2012, I have so much to be thankful for.  Some highlights included a little traveling –  Break Forth in Edmonton in January, performing at the Winspear in February, Women’s Retreat out at SABC in April, annual grad trip to Edmonton, the big trip to Ottawa in June, Fairmont in October…it’s been good.

Another year watching my kids grow – basketball and volleyball, spelling bees and band concerts, surgeries and dentists.  Watching them flourish under the guidance of godly men and women that God has placed in their paths – teachers, pastors, youth leaders, family members.  While learning how to live in two homes with seperated parents never gets easier, through God’s grace, they’re making it through.

It’s been quite a year for the Wind family too – we were happy to welcome three new little people, and mourned with my sister Karen with the loss of little Miguel.  The Ypma family reunion this summer was a fantastic opportunity to get to know extended family. The annual week in Fairmont is always such a treat for all of us.

For me, obviously the biggest change of 2012 was the career change from ICHS to the pregnancy care centre.  This is not only a change in jobs, this is absolutely life changing.

So, that brings us to today – looking forward.  I realized just recently, that for the first time in a long time, I’m looking forward to the rest of my life.  What an amazing place to be.  I am so excited to see how God is going to work through the centre, and how He is going to use me to achieve those purposes.  I put a cheque in the mail yesterday to pay for my tuition – in a few short weeks, I’m going to be a university student!

In April, John will become a teenager.  This June Nathan will finish grade 6, and then I will not have any kids left at Immanuel Christian Elementary School.  In September, Katie will start grade 10 – senior high!

So many things to look forward to……a new niece or nephew in February, a trip to Victoria in May, opening of the centre…..it’s going to be great.

Obviously, there will be sad times as well.  My grandmother’s health is fading quickly, and there will be goodbyes.  June will mark the end of my time at ICHS, and sad goodbyes there.  By this time next year, my divorce will be final, closing another chapter, not without sadness.

I think it is good to look back, to reflect, but looking forward, I am just so excited to see what God has in store for me, my kids and my family.