That’s where I was last week – downtown Calgary.  Now, for the average person, maybe that’s not a big deal.  For me?  Pretty huge.  On one hand, it’s such a symbol of how my life is changing.  I was able to spend all week at the Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre, learning how they operate, discovering all about this new job that I have.  
But, the really big part of this was the fact that I had to drive there.  Every day.  Right downtown.  Big deal, right? Well, it is.  10 years ago I wouldn’t even drive in the city at all, not even the outskirts.  But, necessity said that I had to learn how.  So I did.
Isn’t that how it goes?  When you have to do it, you just do it.  That’s how we teach our kids, right?  When they need to learn how to walk, we put them down and make them go.  And, sometimes as adults, we have to learn the same way.  Just get in and do it.
I know this isn’t the last thing I’m going to have to learn how to do.  There’s going to be many, many more.  But this was just such a tangible symbol for me of my new life, of me learning how to do it.
I feel like such a grown up.  🙂