Anyone who knows my family knows that Fairmont is a magical word in the Wind household.  It’s a little hard to explain, if you haven’t experienced it, but picture this:  2 grandparents, 7 grown children with 5 inlaws, 1 teenager, 2 tweens, and 10 kids 5 and under.  Now, put all of these people in one room for supper for 6 nights in a row……we love it!  We get to spend an entire week together every year during October.  It’s such a blessing to be able to spend all that time together, visiting and getting to know each other’s kids.

There will be more pictures of this glorious week to come, but one of the definite highlights for me this year was my sister Rachel, the amazingly talented photographer/owner of Rachel Joyce Photography, took my family’s pictures.

So, we did pics in front of this amazing barn that my brother-in-law found – I love it!
I love having the pics of me and each of the kids – I don’t know that I have pics of the boys with me.

Look at these kids – look how grown up they are!

There we are – my little family.  Thanks so much for the pictures, Rach….they mean so much.