This is what my calendar looks like.  Wow.  Nothing like getting right back into it. Somehow having 3 kids playing volleyball has kind of taken over life.

But you know what?  I love it.  I’m so thankful that they’re all able to play.  Granted, Katie’s foot is bothering her, and a sprained ankle isn’t making it any easier on her, but she’ll be alright.  I’m thankful that our school has teams for all of the kids to play on, and coaches willing to volunteer their time and knowledge.  I’m thankful that I only live down the street from the school, so running back and forth to pick up kids isn’t a big deal.

But most of all, I’m thankful that I’m available to do it.  This year I’m only teaching piano lessons on Saturdays, which has freed me up during the week to do only “mom” stuff. And it’s amazing!  The feeling of coming home from school and knowing that my time belongs only to my kids is fantastic.  It was a bit of a leap of faith, limiting my teaching time like that, but as always, God has provided, and I’m teaching 6 lessons each Saturday morning.

After my last post about learning to be still and to not be involved in everything, it seems a little ridiculous to be posting today about how busy things are.  But this is truly a different kind of busy – this is what I’m supposed to be busy with right now. And I’m so thankful for it….