Well, we all survived the first day back to school.  Not gonna lie, though – it’s only 10, and I’m headed for bed right away here.  All in all, a good day.

My little girl, not so little anymore, started grade 9 today.  What????  Grade 9?  That’s pretty much high school – when did she get so grown up?

And then there’s my John – grade 7 today.  He made the big move from the elementary school over to the high school.  And believe you me, that’s a big, scary move.  But, he did great.

Unbelievably, this marks our last year at the elementary school!  Nathan started grade 6 today, and is going to have a great year in Mr. B’s classroom.

So, we’re off to the races!  The only one who didn’t get a first day of school pic was me, but I also went back, and it went well.  Chapel was great – thanks to all those who participated, and a big thanks to all the parents who came out – that was amazing!  Having choir all afternoon on the first day of school is definitely a good way to start.  Highlight of the day?  Having a grade 12 student come running down the hall, shrieking “Ms. Moedt, I love you!”  Yup.  Made my day.  Thank you, Miss Kayleigh…..

Hope everyone else had a great first day too….now I’m going to bed so hopefully day two also goes well….