Well, it’s Friday night, here I sit behind my computer, and am feeling fairly reflective, a little melancholy, so I thought I would share that with the world.  🙂

I went and picked up Katie from camp today – this marked the end of her two weeks on the wash crew.  She had the time of her life!!  Two weeks of cleaning bathrooms, mopping floors….and she loved it.  She’s already talking about how she wants to spend all summer out there next year.

We talked all the way home – she told me about different things that happened, different people she met, all sorts of things.  It struck – wow, she’s so grown up!  And I love that she talks to me.  Some of the things she told me? Don’t know that I would have told my mom at thirteen.  But she tells me – and I’m so thankful.  I pray that I won’t do anything to jeopardize that relationship, to cause her to not trust me anymore.

We came home, made stir-fry and watched a chick flick together, just us girls.  Part way through she started to fade, and by the end she plain old didn’t feel good.  Sent her to bed, and when I came down to say good night, found out she’s got a fever, and feeling lousy.  Got her a Tylenol, and when I brought it to her, she perked up a bit and said “It’s ok, Mom, I’ll be fine.”  All grown up.

And in the next minute, she looked at me and said “I missed you, Mom.”  From all grown up to my little girl – in two seconds flat.  Then it was back to “hey, can you bring me here in the morning?”  Just like that, she was all grown up again.

So here I sit, in tears, so thankful for the amazing young woman my Katie is becoming, excited about the future for her, and sad that she’s growing up, all at the same time.  What a task we have as parents, raising these children so they can leave.  And I realize that’s what we’re called to do….but nights like tonight, it’s not a fun idea.

But, it’s reality.  And for now, I’m just going to enjoy each day and try to treasure this time I have with her…..and when she’s being all grown up, remember the little girl who called out as I walked away from her room, “I love you, Mom….I really missed you.”