Okay, so yesterday was a deep, thought-provoking, reflective kind of post.  Today is all about what we’ve been up to!  Summer’s already half over, and it’s been busy!

The first few days of summer were quiet – hung out at the pool, just enjoyed the lack of schedule.  🙂  That was a just a couple of days though, and then it got busy.  Wednesday, June 27th was grad, which I played for, and then emceed the dinner, and then, just a few short hours later, I was back at school getting on a bus, headed out for Ottawa!

The senior high choir was able to take part in Unisong, a music festival celebrating Canada Day in Ottawa.  Our choir was able to perform individually a few times, including in the Rotunda on Parliament Hill, and then was also able to be a part of a 380 voice massed choir from across the country, performing 3 times on Canada Day, with the National Arts Symphony Orchestra.

To say it was amazing would be an understatement.  We were able to see a lot of Ottawa, partake in the festivities on the Hill on Canada Day – so many things.  We went with 23 students, and had such a great time.  Definitely won’t forget that trip anytime soon!!

I was gone for 5 days, coming home late on the Monday, June 2nd.  I was home for a couple of days, and then back to Calgary.  Karen was coming home!!  While it’s too bad that she lives so far away, down in Mexico, I’m so thankful that she’s able to come home as often as she does.  I was able to go to the airport with Mom, Linda, Rachel and Cheryl to pick her up, and then we stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast in Strathmore.  It was fun to just be able to spend time together visiting.  The next day we drove out to Rosebud, and saw the Anne of Green Gables production, which was amazing.  Thanks, Mom!

Now, obviously Karen came home to see all of us, but the reason she came when she did was for the Ypma family reunion, which took place in Southern Alberta this time.  All of my aunts and uncles were here, as well as some cousins from far away.  One of the things that I really enjoyed was just getting to know the “locals” better – by the end of the weekend, I think I finally knew all of the kids’ names and who their parents were!  We spent a day in Waterton, a day down at the cabin, a few meals at my cousin’s acreage, and ended the weekend with a dinner celebrating Uncle Louis & Aunt Sheila’s 40th anniversary.

Well, after all that excitement, we needed a break!  The next week was spent at home, just enjoying life, going to the pool almost every day.  The highlight of the week was definitely Nathan’s birthday – 11 years old already!  From the tiny little baby he started out as (only 3lbs. 8 oz!) to the young man he is already, I’ve loved watching him grow up.

From the 23-27, Katie and Nathan took part in the Amazing Grace Community Church sports camp, and had an amazing time!  Katie was a leader, and met a lot of new friends, and loved every minute of it.  Nathan took part as a camper, and had a great time.  John and I got to spend afternoons together, which was really  nice.  On Friday, we were able to spend the day taking care of Rachel’s kids, which obviously, was a good time.

So, as you can see, it’s been good!  Now it’s very quiet at my house – the kids are with their dad for the next couple of weeks, as well as at SABC, so I’m getting some scrapbooking done, visiting with friends, just taking advantage of the time given to me.