There is only 4 days left of school – woohoo!!!!  Summer vacation is so close, and I’m not going to lie, I’m really looking forward to it.

We’re not doing anything big or exciting this summer – basically just hanging around home.  I’m just really looking forward to not having to leave in the morning.  I really do love just staying home, getting things done, being a mom.

A big part of the summer is SABC, and this year is no exception in my household.  All 3 kids are booked for a week at the Fort in August – Katie first, then the boys.

The difference this year?  Little Miss Katie is going to work at camp for two weeks. She’ll be working in the kitchen, doing dishes and whatever else needs to be done.  She’s so excited, and I’m so happy for her.  She loves camp, and can’t wait to be a part of the ministry there.

She was out at camp this weekend for Focus weekend, and while she had a great time, it was a little hard for me.  I brought her out there with her friend, which was all fine, and we pulled in and there were all kinds of people running around in green camp shirts.  Katie and her friend jumped out of the van, said “See ya, Mom”, and walked off.  I said see you later, and just let her go. In that moment, not walking up with her, signing her in, or making sure she went to the right place – it was very strange.  Walked back to the van with a few tears, realizing that we just had another first.  Another first as she grows up, and becomes more independent.

It’s a little disheartening at times, knowing that we raise our kids so they can leave.  But, that’s the reality of parenting.  I see so many good things in Katie, and I’m so thankful. To see her heart for camp ministry – a work of God, and one I’m so thankful for.

This morning we commissioned all of the camp staff during our morning services – it was so neat to see her up there with everyone else. Unfortunately, the group picture didn’t turn out all that well, but, I tried.

I pray God will bless SABC and the very important ministry that goes on there….may it be a wonderful summer of fun, friendship and most of all, sharing the good news of Christ.