That was the theme of this weekend.  50 years of Christian education in Southern Alberta – wow! Such an amazing gift.

To say that I’m relieved that the anniversary celebration is over would be an understatement.  Last spring when I emailed Brendan and said I was interested in helping out, I really didn’t anticipate it turning into this big a part of my life.  I started out volunteering to work on the memory book, thinking this would give me an opportunity to be involved, but also to just work from home.

Well, I did do that, and it turned out so well!

I also ended up working on a lot of other areas, and it was such a great weekend.  We started out Friday night with an Open House at the high school.  We had a couple hundred people come out, and it was so neat to see old friends meeting up, people who hadn’t seen each other in years.
Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny, and I was so thankful!  We had an Open House and BBQ at the elementary school.  The senior high choir hosted the BBQ as a fundraiser, and it was super successful.
Saturday night was the celebration banquet, and it was an amazing celebration.  We filled the gym with 400 people, had a delicious meal by the Creative Cooks, entertainment from the Senior High choir. Instead of one speaker, we had four – Henry Heinen, who gave a history of the school, Ed De Young, who spoke as staff, Brendan & Hannah, two grade 11 students who spoke about the role of Christian education in their lives, and me!  I got to speak as a parent, about why I send my kids to Immanuel Christian School. The short version?  Because it’s my school, and I love it.

It was a fantastic weekend, and I’m so thankful to have been a part of it.  That being said, I am also thankful to have a little more time in my life now…