I’ve come to make Sunday night my blog night – making it a habit keeps me writing.  So, during the week, I was kind of thinking of what I would post, and last week’s most memorable thing was definitely the end of the piano lesson year.

And that’s what I was prepared to write about, and then yesterday took a turn I wasn’t expecting it to.  I’m not going to get in the details, and this isn’t a dramatic “Oh, please ask me what happened!”  Suffice it to say, it changed my outlook a bit.

So, as I sit back tonight, almost every window in my house is open.  We never got the thunderstorms that were forecasted, but it cooled off a bit, and it smells like rain outside.  Fresh, clean….and it makes me feel peaceful.  As I came home tonight after a staff bbq, I was struck again how thankful I am just to be home.

Nothing fantastic happened.  Came home, put stuff away, kids did homework, threw some laundry in – just normal stuff.  But it’s so good just to have that normal.  To be in my little house which I am so thankful for.  To have this home, me and my kids – it’s my safe haven.  As other things in my world are spinning out of control, this is my safe place, and I pray it is the same for my kids.

I’ve learned so much about being content in the last year.  Being so thankful for what I have, and I think being more aware of what I have.  While on the outside everything seems to have fallen apart, I feel more peace than I have in years.  These are truly gifts from God, gifts that I am so thankful for.

Last night, I turned to the piano, like I often do when things fall apart. It’s more therapeutic than anything else I’ve found.  I just opened books, flipped through songs, playing whatever.  This song is where I ended…..seemed appropriate.

“Find rest, my soul, in Christ alone…..know His power, in quietness and trust.”