While some days it doesn’t seem like it’s coming fast enough, summer is coming. There is only 1 month left of school – aaah! It really is a good thing, even though I do have a ton to finish before the end of the year. I can feel it every morning as we leave for school – the kids are done, and ready to just be home. I think we’re a little later every morning. ūüė¶

And while I am ready for some time at home with my kids, just to be able to be a stay-at-home mom, I do love my job. I’m reminded of this so often, in so many different circumstances….

  • sitting in Tim’s with former and present students, just being able to hear about their lives, and speak into them (yes, some kids actually want to hang out with their teachers!)
  • sectionals in choir: while banging through parts drives me crazy, I love the time I have with just the girls. ¬†Singing “Holy is the Lord” with 25 teens as a warm-up just makes my heart sing.
  • being surrounded by Christian people, and feeling the love and support of such a strong community¬†
  • the trips. ¬†Obviously this is a perk – whether it’s grad trip, choir tour, you name it. ¬† I love the opportunities to get away, but even more I love the unstructured time with the students, when you really get to know them
  • random hugs during the day¬†
  • students waving wildly down the hallway at you until you wave back
  • the fact that I’ve found out my brain does still work, and I can still do¬†trigonometry! ¬†Who knew….
  • being able to express my creative side through the yearbook and bulletin boards, as well as my organized administrative side through helping out with subs and stuff in spec. ed.
  • there’s so many reasons I love my job, but this is definitely my top one: ¬†being named as a student’s Christian influence in a grade 12 survey for the yearbook. ¬†Wow. ¬†Honored doesn’t even begin to describe it. ¬†That is why I do what I do….
Every now and then I need to go through this list in my head, just to remind myself…..and now I’d better get to bed, so hopefully we’re not so late in the morning. ūüôā