Wow, before you know it, a couple of weeks has gone by, and I’ve posted nothing. It’s been busy – first it was the Women’s Retreat out at SABC two weekends ago, which was amazing. I went there with the anticipation of spending time with friends, and definitely was not disappointed. It was a great weekend with some amazing women, whom I’m so thankful for.

Then it was time to focus on the memory book for the ICS 50th Anniversary. When I signed up for this, it seemed like a good idea, and now that’s it finished, I’m glad I did it, but wow. It was a bit of a stress in my life! But, it’s finished and at the printers’.

This past week was grad trip – this is the 5th year that I’ve gone on the annual trip to West Edmonton Mall, and as always, it was a great trip. Fun kids, no problems, great shopping, and an amazing pedicure (thanks, Elsie!). Who wouldn’t want to go on a trip like that?

Which brings us to this weekend. I was looking outside yesterday at all the beautiful blooms, and realized that I hadn’t even pulled out my camera in weeks. So, out I went, camera in hand….

Today was a definitely a bit of a unique Mother’s Day for me. I woke up, and while it was Mother’s Day, I was all by myself. No kids home. A little depressing….but, I got up and out the door, since I had to be at church at 8. By the time I made it to the end of my street, I was already feeling better – the sun was shining, and it was a beautiful day.

To then be surrounded by my amazing church family just made the day even sweeter. So many “Happy Mother’s Day!” wishes, hugs from good friends, a good morning in the tech booth with my friend Rob – just a great morning at EFree. We were privileged to hear a solid message on the responsibility of raising children, whatever your circumstances are – thanks, Ian!

When we got home, I made the kids pose for a quick picture for me – after all, it’s Mother’s Day, and I should get what I want, right?

After that we headed to the Big House, and just had a nice afternoon. It was just us, Mom & Dad and Darrel & Rachel with their kids. Now, keep in mind, that was still 5 adults and 7 kids, but when you’re talking Wind gatherings, it was just little. It was fun to be able to visit, and play with the kids – I love being an auntie! Rides on the golf cart, pushing kids on the swing – just enjoying each other’s company.

So, it was a great day – but it wasn’t until tonight that I really realized how blessed I really am. We came home, and the kids all went to do their own things – they hadn’t been home since Wednesday, and just were glad to be back with their own stuff. So, Nathan was on the computer, Katie was on her iPod, John was playing Lego, the music was going, I was making lunches….and it hit me: I love my life.

Obviously it hasn’t turned out how I thought it would, but that’s ok. Looking around tonight, I realized one of my greatest blessings: my home. Now, I’m not necessarily just talking about my actual physical house, although I am so thankful for that. No, I’m talking about the sense of “home” that is in my house. It is safe place, where we can be ourselves, be relaxed, and just be. It might not be a big thing to some people, but to me, it means so much.

Thank you Lord, not only for the many blessings in my life, but for helping me see them…