It’s 10:00 at night, and I still have windows open all over my house. It’s so wonderful, being able to have all the fresh air in the house.

It was a busy week – the first week back after time off always seems to take forever, but it was a good week. I got a lot done on the book for the ICHS 50th Anniversary – the end is in sight! I’m so glad – it’s been neat to be involved with this project, but I’m looking forward to handing it in to the printer.

The week was capped off with a great day today. The original plan was to go to Calgary to celebrate the dedication of my nephew Tyson, but when that didn’t work out, we made alternate plans.

Started out the day with church, sitting behind the piano. I do love that big, black grand piano – it was a great morning to be part of the worship team. Jumped in and sight-read with the choir too – just a great morning.

After church, we came home to get changed, picked up a bucket of KFC, and headed down to the park for a picnic.

Pavan Park was beautiful – not too busy, not too windy. We’d never gone down there, but we’ll be back. After lunch, the kids pulled out their ball gloves, which is a new pastime for our family….

We hung out at the park for awhile, just enjoying the sunshine.

And of course, the inevitable self portraits….

After some fun in the sun, we headed home to movie night: “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, pizza and ice cream. This is a tradition I started after we moved this fall, and it’s been great. Especially now that the library is getting new releases!

So, all in all, it was a great day. So great in fact, that I think I’m glad our trip to Calgary didn’t pan out, so I could spend the time here, with my kids.

Now we head into a new week….starting with day surgery tomorrow – nothing like starting with a bang! Oh well, we work hard, and then it’s off to Women’s Retreat this weekend. Can’t wait! Looking forward to some time with good friends….