What an amazing day! An amazing weekend, really. When you stop to think about it – Jesus died for me. For you. For all of us. I know that we need to remember this all year round, but I’m so thankful for a weekend dedicated to it.

I was so blessed to be able to sing in the choir this weekend. Good Friday was 3 pieces from Handel’s Messiah – it was amazing! Big shout-out to my good friend Warnesia with some amazing solo work1 I loved singing it, but realized that maybe I was a little arrogant in thinking I could just sight-read it….but, it went good and was fun.

This morning was 3 services of celebration. I realized how much I missed being a part of the choir – and how out of shape I was, because, man, did my abs hurt after the third service. The singing was amazing though, being able to lead the congregation in celebration the Resurrection. Big thanks to Ken Dosso for letting me be a part of the group – it was so good to be back.

But, all of this was overshadowed by a very special moment. In our services this morning, we were blessed by the “cardboard testimonies” of about 20 people from our congregation. Cardboard testimonies are a very simple, short statement of how God has worked in someone’s life – a life situation is written on one side, and then is quietly turned to the other, which reveals how God is working. These are always moving, and we were blessed with the testimonies of people who have survived cancer, infidelity, people who are journeying through the death of loved ones – it was amazing.

But for this mom, it was all about this moment:

Last Sunday morning, when Pastor Ian was looking for people to share their testimonies, John came to me and said “Mom, I want to do a cardboard testimony.” I told him to think about it, and we would talk about it Monday morning. Monday morning came, and he sat down and told me he wanted to be a part of it. I was so proud, so nervous, so emotional.

The other side of his sign read “My parents live in separate houses”. Yup. Right there in black and white. For anyone who didn’t know yet, they do now. A little horrifying, to be honest, to have your deepest failing right there on the platform for the entire congregation to read.

But, then, the glorious flip side – “And I will trust God for the future”. What a witness! Thank you, God, for working this in my son. Such a reminder, from the lips of a child.

I too, will trust God for the future. Thank you, Father, for the gift of Your Son and the matchless gift of eternal life, through His sacrifice.