Well, it’s Sunday night, and it’s finally quiet in my little household. Usually the tv would be on by this point in time, and I would be “tuned out”. But, I’ve been sitting here getting ready for the week to come, and doing a little reflecting.

Not going to lie. This last week sucked. A lot. It was insanely busy – school stuff, meetings, 1700 invitations to get sent out for the 50th anniversary of the school, piano lessons, kid stuff, you name it. Add to that a lot of stress in trying to learn how to parent separately, and it just wasn’t fun. I found myself by the end of the week not really talking to anyone, and just working. Because that’s what I do. Things are going wrong? Work harder. Do more. I’m pretty sure it’s the Dutch Calvinist in me. Is it the healthiest way to do things? No, probably not. But, the week ended well, being able to play for a wedding of 2 former students yesterday, catching up with old friends at the reception, being able to celebrate with one of my dearest friends the wedding of her daughter, and just generally spending time with people who love me.

Today, I started the day bright and early doing projection at church, which, while it means I have to be at church at 8, and really just hit space bar a lot, I love it. I love being involved in the services. This afternoon we went outside of our “normal” Sunday afternoon, and went to see a movie. The kids and I took in “John Carter”, which was actually a decent movie, and then busted out the A & W coupons, and went for supper. It was fun!

Now I’m looking at the upcoming week, and I think it’ll be ok. The invites for the anniversary are out, so that’s good. It’s only a 4 day week – hooray! I’m really looking forward to the Good Friday/Easter chapel at school Thursday morning. BTW, anyone who’s interested: Thursday morning, 8:48 – 9:25, ICHS large gym. Please come! I get to go to choir rehearsal on Thursday evening, and be a part of the Good Friday and Easter Sunday services – thank you, Ken Dosso, for letting me jump in and sight read! I do love my church.

Granted, it’s not going to be all fun….Thursday morning after chapel I’ll find myself back in court, once again dealing with the ramifications of the move I made….

But then this weekend I get to celebrate the most amazing gift ever – the sacrifice that Christ made for me. For me! As He hung on that cross, He knew the mess my marriage would become, and how it would all end. He knew about all the times I “lose it” on my kids. He knew about all the times I doubt and don’t trust. All the times I gossip, slander, lie….the list goes on and on. And He hung there for me, taking my punishment.

“This, the pow’r of the cross: Son of God—slain for us. What a love! What a cost! We stand forgiven at the cross.