Wow. So, my last post was in August? Yikes….guess that will tell you something about the speed at which my life has been going. Yes, it’s been busy.

Since my last post, I’ve moved, finished a full semester of school, plus almost half of the next one, taught a lot of piano lessons (13 kids a week), been on tv a few times, colored my hair, became a mom to a teenager (?!), gained 2 more nephews and a niece, lost one nephew, performed “The Hallelujah Chorus” (scratch that off the bucket list), hired a lawyer, been to court 6 or 7 times (more times than I ever wanted to go in my life), made new friends, depended on the love and support of old ones, have felt the amazing love and support of both school and church community, learned again the importance of family, have gained a new appreciation for the sovereignty of God, and I think have finally learned to be content.

So yeah, it’s been a little busy. I’ve been inspired by reading friends’ blogs to keep up on this one though, so we’ll see how that pans out….