Today I was able to go up to Calgary to witness the dedication of my nephew Jaxon, Darrel & Rachel’s third child, and it got me to thinking.

I am truly blessed in so many ways. As I held little Jaxon during the service, dressed in the baptismal gown that my grandmother made, I remembered holding Rachel, wearing that same dress, the day that she got baptized. What a blessing to have these memories! What a blessing to have grown up in a home where Christ was the head of the household.

After church we went over to Darrel and Rachel’s for lunch, which Rachel did an amazing job at. Looking around at all the food, I realized again how blessed we are to live here, in this land of wealth and plenty. When there’s so many people starving every day, and I was complaining about a piece of melba toast. I’m so blessed, and I don’t remember it.

I didn’t have to drive to Calgary on my own with two kids today – I was able to catch a ride with my parents. My parents, who are always willing to do what it takes to help out their kids, no matter how many times we dig ourselves into the same hole. I’m so blessed to have parents that love me so much.

These are just a few of the blessings that I could list….I need to remember them more often. I need to spend more time thanking and less time complaining.