Yesterday my facebook status was “Monica Wind Moedt has realized that as much as I love having a break from school, I think that if I didn’t have to work, I could become very, very lazy.”

It’s so true! Yesterday I read 2 books (not one, but 2), finished a double page LO, and just generally hung out. Granted, the basics did get done – got the house vacuumed, the laundry done, shoveled the driveway, but still – I was so sleepy at the end of the day! From doing nothing – and I loved it.

Today is more of the same. The kids are playing Wii in their pajamas, yesterday’s laundry still isn’t folded, and I’m in the middle of another LO. It’s going to be a good day, especially since we get to go to the Christmas Eve service this afternoon. Tomorrow will be busier though – Christmas service at 11, and then spending the day at my parents’ place. Woohoo!

Here’s the LO I did yesterday – as you can see, I’m a little behind, as these are the Christmas pics of Katie from last year….