…and with that is my renewed pledge to blog more often! It just seems that life gets so busy, and I can only keep up with so many things, but now that school is out, I definitely have more time at home!

It was a good school year – grad is on Monday, and while I’m sad to see our grade 12’s go, I pray God blesses them all richly.

There’s also been big happenings in my family – my youngest brother got married last week! It’s crazy, he seems way too little, but I guess he’s all growed up. It was a great wedding, and we had so much fun. The best part was everyone being home – especially all my sisters! We took the opportunity to have family pictures taken – take a look!

My own little family of 5 – not so little anymore!
This is the entire group – we’ve grown to 20….
…from the original 9
Seriously, how many people get to have 4 sisters? I’m so blessed.