The first tag was from my good friend Lori.

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ONE….I’m 6’1, the oldest of 7 children, and almost the shortest.

TWO….I play the piano, although don’t teach it anymore! 🙂

THREE….I enjoy the colors of fall, but am not looking forward to the cold of winter.

FOUR….I am officially addicted to Facebook.

FIVE….I work in a high school as an education assistant in grades 7-9.

SIX…..I love to scrapbook, but just don’t have the time.

SEVEN….I am turning 32 in a couple of months, and am quite okay with it – I’m loving this stage of my life!

Okay, so I don’t have seven people to tag this with, but I did complete it.

On to the next tag from Nikki

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And I’m going to tag Theresa, Lori, Kim, Pat, Dedra, Tonya, and Diana.