Wow, I haven’t blogged in a week and a half, and so much happened last week! We ended up being gone every day – take a look….
Tuesday morning the boys and I went to the Whoop-Up Days parade and then for a picnic down at the river bottom with friends.

Friday afternoon we went to the lake with my mom, 3 of my sisters, my cousin Diane and my adorable little niece Hannah. The weather started a little cool, but ended up being a beautiful day!
Saturday morning the kids and I drove a little over an hour to Pincher Creek to the UFA grand opening and a free Paul Brandt concert!! Only in Southern Alberta does a country superstar play a free concert in the parking lot of a farm supply store. We even got to meet Paul and get his autograph!

The week ended with an amazing day in Waterton with family friends. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery, went on a short hike, and just had a good time together.

There’s only a week left of summer vacation left – hope it’s a little less busy than last week!