I was tagged by my scrappy friend Theresa, so here goes. The bold portions are the questions.

10 years ago I was…7 months pregnant with Katie, our oldest. I was working at a local real estate office, and looking forward to being a mommy.

5 things to do today…
1. finish the laundry
2. make sure all the kids are showered and have clothes for church tomorrow
3. catch up on 2Peas – I’m 3 days behind! 😦
4. sort through the pics I picked up from Costco the other day.
5. go out on a date with Jonathan tonight – hooray!

Snack I enjoy…unfortunately, most of them! But, if I had to pick one, I’m a real sucker for potato chips.

Things I would do if I was a millionaire…pay off all of my bills/loans/mortgages and just live my life without the stress of all the payments. Oh, and a major shopping trip to my LSS!

Places I have lived….this is not so exciting. Grew up on a farm outside of Taber, moved to Lethbridge for 6 months (40 minutes away from home) and then to Coaldale to stay (30 minutes from home).

The 4 people I’m going to tag are Dedra, Lizzy and …okay, just 2 people, ‘cuz everyone else has been tagged already!