Okay, so apparently, blogging is not my gift, as you can see since my last post was 3 months ago!!! Well, I’ll work on it, and we’ll see how this goes. Maybe if I didn’t spend so much time on facebook….

Wel, the summer was great, but just way too fast! We went to Thunder Bay for a family reunion and then to Winnipeg for Jonathan’s grandparents’ 55th anniversary. There were days spent at Park Lake, the Tot Lot, a day at Writing on Stone, a trip to Waterton for a Sunday afternoon, and a weekend in Calgary for a friend’s wedding. We ended the summer camping with friends at Cypress Hills, which was so fun. The kids had never been camping, so we’ll have to do that again.

The kids all went back to school on August 29th – Katie to Grade 4, John to Grade 2 and Nathan to Grade 1. That also means that I had to go back to school, and I was back in work last week already. Piano lessons don’t start until next week, and I have 21 students lined up right now.

I did manage to get some scrapbooking done this summer – there’s always time for that, right? I’ll add some new pages to the slide show for you all to see.

Well, that’s enough updating for one day! Here’s a pic I took of the kids at Waterton in August – might use it for Christmas cards. Hopefully I’ll keep up better from here on in!