Finally – it’s out in the open! The newest scrapbooking ezine is going to debut in May, and I’m a part of it! All the Rage is an ezine that has been headed up by Caitlin Koch, owner of Mad About Scrapbooks in Citrus Hills, CA.

A couple of months ago, I responded to a thread on 2peas asking ‘if you’d like to be published, email me’…or something like that. I haven’t been published yet, and I thought it might be one of those threads that you often see, outlining some tips/hints for gettin pubbed. Since that was a goal of mine, I sent a quick little response, and as they say, the rest is history!

Caitlin chose a group of us who responded who shared her vision of a different kind of sb mag – one that is designed by “normal” scrapbokers and is geared towards “normal” scrapbookers.

I’m super excited, and hope you’ll check out all the details at the MAS site. Keep checking back for more info!