Well, in true Alberta fashion, the wind has started blowing, and things are starting to melt. Not too bad right now, but within a few hours everything’s going to be pretty slushy!

Our youngest child is Nathan Mark, born 2 months prematurely on July 17, 2001. Nathan was only 3 lbs. 8 oz. when he was born, and although spent 2 months in the NICU has made it through without any lasting conditions. He, along with his brother, has had extra help in school and with speech, but Nathan is now in kindergarten and loving every minute of it! He’s a very rough and tumble type of boy, loving to play trucks and cars, and really not having any use for coloring or any sorts of crafts. He’s a real character, as you can see by looking through pictures of him – he always has a great expression on his face. He truly enjoys life, and definitely makes our life better – and more exciting!