Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s – things were quiet here, except for the sound of the wind howling. It’s starting to blow, and I think a lot of the snow will move over night, so we’ll see what kind of drifts we have then!

Today I’d like to introduce you to my middle child – John Michael. John was born on April 12, 2000, 5 weeks premature and causing a few concerns. Thankfully he only had to be in hospital for a week and a half. He’s had some extra help over the years, including speech pathology, preschool, and going to kindergarten twice. Alberta is such a great place to be when you have a child who needs a bit of extra help. The government has really stepped up to the plate in providing the help these kids need.
John is in Grade 1 now and loves to read! He’s now reading chapter books, and is so excited about it. He also discovered scrapbooking over the Christmas holidays, and is pumping out the LO’s. He loves to dig through my extra photos and pull together different things.