Well, it’s still snowing here – we’ve gotten a fair bit by now, and I’m definitely getting my daily workout shoveling the driveway. Good news though – chinook tomorrow! That means no more snow, but windy, messy, slushy conditions. Oh well, can’t have everything.

Thought since I don’t have anything new and great to share, I’d introduce you to my scrappin’ subjects – my kids. Today’s edition is my dd Katherine Marie. Named after my mom, Katie is our oldest, and was born September 21, 1998. She’s now 8 years old, in Grade 3, and sometimes I think turning 13 any day now. Oh well, I guess that’s girls. She loves to hang out with her aunties, to scrapbook with Mom, and play with her friends. She was born with a club foot, and has had 3 operations to correct this and while she made need more, we have to wait and see. Being an only girl definitely gives her a special spot in Mom’s heart!